Stakeriet opened February 2018, in the center of Alta.

Our vision is to create an experience for our guests. Not only with food and drink but also an experience through storytelling. Therefore, the concept around the Stakeriet is anchored around Alta River and Altas slate industry. Here you will get an understanding of what Alta River and the extraction of slate has meant for our history and culture.

The name Stakeriet comes from the elvestaker - the driver of the riverboat. Elvestakeren guided English lords and rich people who wanted to fish the very famous Alta Salmon, from the 19th century until today.

The Alta River is today the world's most famous salmon lakes for Atlantic salmon and is a very popular river for Fishing.

Stakeriet has the capacity for 150 people and has two separate rooms: Stakerstua and Skiferstua, which has capacity for 30 people each for meetings, conferences and dining.

Our menu is locally anchored and we offer both ala carte and party menu.